Rates and Fees

Crystal Arabians ~ 801-455-8347 ~ crystal@crystalarabians.com


  • Board - $675 per month
  • Training - $350 per month
  • Conditioning/Medical Recovery - $200 per month
  • Supplements - Cost varies based on needs of the horse
  • Lessons - $50 (On your horse or one of our available lesson horses)
  • Leases and half-leases are available on quality show horses, starting at $600 per month.  


  • Class A Shows - $500 per horse
  • Class B/All-Breed Shows - $400 per horse
  • Regionals - $1,500 per horse
  • Scottsdale - $3,500 per horse 
  • Youth/Canadian/US Nationals - $5,000 per horse‚Äč
  • Show Tack Rental - $50 per show

Show Fees: Terms and Conditions

  • Out of State Shows: 50% of Show Flat Rate is due at time of entry. The remining 50% is due prior to show travel departure.
  • Local shows: 50% of Show Flat Rate is due at time of entry. The remining 50% is due at the start of show.
  • Whenever applicable, the show flat rate includes:
    • Show Entries/Office Fees
    • Class Fee for ONE class
    • Box Stall, Feed & Bedding
    • Hauling of horse to and from show
  • Additional classes may be added at additional expense. 
  • Veterinary and farrier expenses incurred at the show will be billed directly to owner when possible or payable immediately after the show.
  • Standard supplements are included in the show flat rate. Owner will be responsible to provide/pay for special medications/supplements that are unique to their horse.  


  • Hauling to shows (when not paying flat rate show fee) - $1.50 per mile (min. $50)
  • Hauling (other than shows) - $2.00 per mile (min. $50)
  • Body Clip - Starting at $100
  • Photo/Video Prep - Starting at $50
  • Sales Commission (payable at time of sale) - 15% of sales price


  • Payment must be postmarked on or before the 1st day of the month. Late payments will incur a 5% late payment fee.
  • A one-month notice must be given to Crystal Arabians, LLC prior to the departure of any horse from our program.
  • No horse in our programs will be allowed to leave the care of Crystal Arabians, LLC prior to payment of final bill.
  • Each customer must keep a current and active credit card on file at all times (Visa or MasterCard).
  • All services and fees are subject to change without notice.